Are ready to come to Alaska and don't know where to start?  or maybe just have a few questions.  

We get asked all the time - where to go, how to make the most of our trip? What campgrounds? Best places  or times to fish? 

I want to (Insert: Fish, camp, hike, paddle, etc) but we are scared. 


We can help you over come your fears and plan a trip that with tips and info from a local. 

With our trip planning services you can book a 30 minutes $40

1 hr trip planning session $65 and you will also receive 1 informative guide.  

If you don't need trip planning session you can just purchase the guides.  It is full of information around the topic you've chosen.

We can help you with campsites, locations, fish processing, trails, guides, cabins, public use cabins.


Best aurora viewing locations, When to come, what to wear, etc.  How to do a self guided trip!

Contact us today for more information.