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Alaska Cruises - Princess, Holland America, Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal

Gear Up for your Alaska Cruise & Shore Excursions

Whether you want gear for the cruise to or from Alaska, or while here, we have many options for you.

3 Piece PKG  Rain Jacket/ Rain Pant / Rain Boot Many  -types/sizes. Lightweight is option too.

(Pick up in AK or take the gear at the start of your cruise - Receive at from home) - No extra charge for rental dates. (or Reverse Rental Cruise out of AK)

Or Pick up at your hotel, our store or Anchorage Airport

One way rentals

Between cities in Alaska and to/from Alaska, Washington, California etc.

We will set up your one way rental.

Many want to rent binoculars, rain gear, boots for their Cruise To Alaska. 

Or pick up items when they arrive and turn in at the Airport when they leave. 

Let us get you set up.  or Book OnLine:

Easy Process - Email us

All types of Rain Jackets pants -  Gore Tex,  Rain boots Economy or XtraTufs, Warm Arctic Sports.

Many types of Binoculars with Chest straps, Spotting scopes & Tripods, Trekking Poles

Gore Tex hiking boots, 2 way radios, Dry bags all sizes.

Bear spray, Garmin Explorers, Trekking Pants, Backpacks, warm base layer options & clothing etc.

Children & Adult sizes - Toddlers to 5XL clothing and  size 17 boots.


We sell Bug Spray, Bug Head Nets, Bug Jackets, Suntan Lotion,  Camping Fuel, Matches, Firestarter's, Dried Foods and Snack. Alaskan Snacks:

King Salmon Jerky, Halibut Jerky,  Salmon Lox, Smoked Salmon, Reindeer Sausage, etc.

If you need rental gear for  the end of your cruise we will help you gear up for the next leg of your trip. Many tour Anchorage or have a day to play before they fly home. We have many options for day trips.


Retail Items delivered to hotels & ANC Airport.

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