We deliver to hotels, airports and ship statewide.  
We deliver am and pm deliveries to Anchorage hotels and the Anchorage airport.  The fee is $20 each way.  It is cheaper than a cab or uber in most cases.  
We cannot deliver to the Railroad at this time.   We do deliver to Air taxis and water taxi - for a fee. Contact us for details. Anchorage air taxis $20 each way. 

We also offer one way rentals. Anchorage to Fairbanks for example. The fee is $35 either direction. Pick up Anc return FAI is $35 for most orders. Base fee. Quantity /size/weight varies - inquire for pricing.

We do not deliver to Air B & B's for staff safety and we need to deliver to front desk staff who will verify you are a guest.  We do not deliver until payment has been received in full and all paperwork is completed, etc. 

For more info email us at alaskaoutdoorgear@gmail.com


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