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Concierge & Delivery Services

We deliver to hotels, airports and ship statewide.  
We offer am and pm deliveries to Anchorage & Fairbanks area hotels and the Anchorage airport.  The fee is $20 -$25 each way.  It is cheaper than a cab or uber in most cases.  
We cannot deliver to the Railroad at this time.   We do deliver to Air taxis and water taxi, and hotels. Contact us for details. 

We also offer one way rentals. Anchorage to Fairbanks for example. The fee is $35 either direction. Pick up Anc return FAI is $35 for most orders.

Base fee. Group / Corporate Shipments vary on quantity /size/weight  - inquire for pricing.

We do not deliver to Air B & B's - we need a front desk, where staff can accept the equipment.  We do not deliver until payment has been received in full and all paperwork is completed, etc.   

For more info email us at

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