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Summer & Fall Warm Clothing 

PKG: 3 Piece Rain Jacket/Rain Pant/Rain Boots

Add ons: Binoculars, Trekking Poles, Bear spray, etc.

Gear For: Fishing & Hiking or Sightseeing 

If you are not sure what you need send us an email with overview of your itinerary. We will make a recommendation.

One way rentals, Hotel Pick up &  Deliveries (Anchorage Airport too) 

Cruiseship Passengers, Rail, Bus etc.  IF a size doesnt fit we will swap it out asap. Contact us for details/logistics.

Need to add retail items - we do that too.  Bug nets, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Wool Socks,  Dried Food & Snacks, Fire starters, SOL Kits, First aid kits.

Staying warm is a key component for enjoying your Alaskan vacation.  You will experience all types of weather while you are here. Especially when fishing / on the water or coast or inland up in Fairbanks for example.


3 Types of Rain Gear:

We carry Ultralight Packable & Heavier Fishing Rain Gear.  

We carry Gore Tex - High End Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, North Face 

Standard rain Gear: Marmot, Outdoor Research,  Mammut

Standard Rain brands

Heavier Duty Fishing Rain Gear 

Helly Hanson & Grundens

arctic sport rain boot.jpg

Arctic Sports /Muck Boots are warm/insulated, and have excellent traction and great to hike in. 

We have had customers get dropped off at Wonder Lake Campground and hiked out to the main highway wearing Arctic Sports. They loved the boots!  



XtraTuffs is the brand worn by most locals - they are a household staple year round. 

Perfect for all types of Alaskan Adventures. Many women love the look of the Salmon Sisters and want photos to take home without having to pay $150-$180 for a pair they may never wear again.

Men's do not have a pattern -but have supportive heel, insole, cushioning and very comfortable.



Mid Layer Jackets 

Arc'teryx Jackets, Black Diamond Jackets,

Columbia, REI, North Face

Base Layers 

Fleece Jacket, 

Fleece 1/4 zip

Fleece Pants

Thin Baselayers- Polypropylene top/pants.

Hiking Boots & Hiking Pants/Trekking pants 


Rain Boots 

Wool Socks

Down Jackets - Lite Puffy, Heavier Down Puffy.

3 in 1 Jackets with Water Resistance and Light Insulation

Bug Nets - Retail  or Rentals

Bug jackets - Retail or Rental

We also carry economy rain jacket, pants and rain boots.  The boots are no where near as comfortable as Arctic Sports nor as warm, but they get the job done.

AMy bragg k2 .jpg

Glacier Tours/ Landing on a glacier -

Rent warm boots, jacket and gloves depending on the time of year.

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