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Book our popular Packraft & Train Package:

Rent a  packraft and enjoy a relaxing time on Spencer Glacier Lake. Must take the Alaska Railroad Train to Spencer Glacier Whistlestop. Call or email- we will set up your adventure. Gear comes packed in carry bag. 

 SUP Rental board Alaska Anchorage
Necky looksha Tandem Ocean Kayak Rental Alaska Anchorage Seward Homer
Single Lake kayak rental Anchorage
Inflatable Kayak Rental River Lake Flatwater Paddling Alaska Anchorage, Fairbanks, Train Spencer Glacier Portage Creek

We rent all types of watercraft:
All Boat Rentals come with Paddles/PFD/Safety gear.

Kayaks / Canoes - Packrafts

           Ocean - Lake  -  Inflatables -

Singles & Tandem Rentals
Anchorage or Fairbanks Stores
One way rentals 
Ask us for details!

Premium Lake Kayak  Rentals $30 Old Town/Necky 
More stability, comfort seats, foot pegs/adjustable back rests, storage areas/dry.
Higher weight capacities
Old Town Dirigio Kayak Rental - 10 ft  - Single $30 /

Old Town Dirigio Tandem Kayak Rental $45 day / discount add'l days

Economy Kayaks -8,9,10 ft  Sit inside and Sit On tops.  $20-$25 day
** Economy kayaks have less stability. Lower weight capacities.
Less features: Such as hatches, storage, foot pegs, basic seats/no padding. Cheaper paddles.  
You cant compare paddling in a $250-$350  vs  $750-$1000 Kayak

Packraft Rental
PackRafts Come with PFD, Paddle, Inflation bag  -More Info 
NRS Packrafts $40
Kokopellis, GaryKingPackaRafts $50

SUP Rental $30- $55
Paddleboards Inflatable
NRS SUP Inflatable - XL -220 bs  Capacity 
+ all accessories

NRS EARL SUP INFLATABLE 240 lbs wt Cap 10.6 ft
plus all accessories

SUP  Hardshell - Basic plus all accessories

Ocean Kayak Rental
Looksha T - Tandem
Ocean Spray Skirts, Paddles, PFDS, Bilge,Throwbag Etc.

Looksha 14 FT - SINGLE Ocean Kayak, Sprayskirt, paddle, pfd, Bilge, throwbag
Looksha 12 FT 

Inflatable Kayaks
Tandem AquaGlide 14 ft -27 pounds/ 600 pd wt cap/

Tandem AquaGlide 12 ft - Can be run as single
Tomcat - Singles & Tandem Inflatables

Canoe - Day Paddle or Weekend Float

16 FT Canoe Old Town Seranac w/3rd seat. 

14FT Canoe - OldTown Seranac

Rafts - Plan a Float Trip
Several sizes. Pricing with or without frames, etc.
Accessories available: Coolers, dry cargo boxes, cargo nets, Trailers Available
Anchorage  Fairbanks
Rafts - 13 ft    &       Raft 14ft 

Drysuits - Small to 2xl   W/Booties
Wetsuits - Small to XL

Dry Bags -SM - 100+ L Backpack style
Helmets, Gloves + accessories

Book Online - Click here
Request a quote

Packraft Rental Anchorage Fairbanks
Ocean kayak rental Anchorage Packraft rental Anchorage Sup rental
Lake kayak rental Anchorage Mirror Lake, Fairbanks Alaska Outdoor Gear rental

How to Book: Below - Click the boat, and click start date and then Book. Select Date range.  To add another item - on any tab. Find, select and items will keep being added to cart.  Make another Booking- means - "add another item"

Economy kayak rental Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental
Inflatable Kayak Rental Anchorage Fairbanks Packraft Rentals NRS basic model perfect car camp rv travels
Alaska Packraft Rental Fairbanks, Anchorage, One way rentals
Alaska Raft Rental Anchorage 14ft Rafts Kenai Drift Fishing Raft Alaska Float Trip
Alaska Outdoor Gear Drysuit rental Anchorage and Fairbanks
Drysuit Rental Anchorage Fairbanks Seward Homer
Kayak rental Ocean Necky Looksha Kayaks Anchorage
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