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Bear Proof Campsite Alaska Car camping

Being safe in bear country begins with you and your party.  Plan ahead and learn what you can do to prevent bear encounters.  ​

We provide bear safety info,  10 plus years of lessons learned to our customers who rent Bear defense items from us.  

Some key tips for everyone: When hiking  -stop  and read the trailhead signs before you start your trip. It contains alot of important information.

Same for a campground - Check out the Campground Information board it contains key information about the area, recent animal sightings or agitated or injured animals in the area, etc. 

Many people carry bear spray when fishing, hiking and camping in the backcountry. 

Select item. Select Month. Then Book now. Then Date range. Book now.  Add another item is "Make Another Booking"

Bear Spray Rental Alaska

Bear Spray Rental Counter Assault - 10 OZ can, with Holster and bear bell or backpack tether

 1 day $18 / 5 day $37 / 7 day $40 / 14 Day $40  

All rentals come with instructions - overview. How to use, What to look for, how to 

MSRP $59.99 and a Carry Sleeve is $15.99-$22.00

Bear Keg Rental, Bear Canister, Bear Vault Rental Anchorage
Bear Vault Rental BV425 Small Day Hike Bear Keg Alaska
Bear Vault

Bear Vault 425  

Bear Vault 450

Bear Vault 475

Bear Vault 500

- Cases available as add ons. 

Bear Spray Container -  travel/container , bear keg carry case - with straps.

WE also sell Bear Bells, Backpack Tethers eyv

Counter Assault Pentagon Bear Fence Rental Alaska
Bear Spray Rental Anchorage Fairbanks Hotel Delivery

We rent all bear spray brands 7- 9oz cans etc.

Pricing is on line. Book here​​

Bear Deterrent - Flare Guns & Sound Deterrent

AlaskaGold Mint Trail map info
Alaska Hiker Essentials Trail Info Boart
Alaska Bear Warning Bears In Area Denali
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