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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Can I pick up a day or 2 early?  I need to pick up Monday but don't need it until Thursday, will I be charged the extra days - yes, you will need to rent the equipment for all days the equipment is in your possession. Daily Rentals are based on 24 hr periods that start at the time of pick up.
  • I need to pick up after hours or early am.  We offer early am pick ups or after hour returns (if within your rental period).  
  --- $30 dollars to pickup before or after we close. 
  --- $20 Fee to deliver to your hotel or Anchorage Airport.
 --- Fee based on each city - Inquire with staff.
  • What if I need to extend my rental?  Give us a call during business hours - we will let you know if it can be extended. Most items can. Holidays and height of summer we may be sold out and need the equipment back as scheduled.
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