Rental Policies:

Early Returns: No refunds for returning early.
No refunds for changes made within 3 days/ 72 Hour arrival window.
You are responsible for lost, damaged or missing equipment that is not returned in the same condition it was received.


Please plan ahead and finalize your payment prior to pick up or drop off and fill out our online waiver.

Renter must notify us immediately if any equipment  has issue/leak, tear, etc PRIOR TO use - prior to starting rental.
Let us make it right - do not hold gear the duration of rental and ask for money back stating it did not work .

Notice:  If you are going to remote location you must inflate, or set up/check gear prior to leaving.
You can no longer waive the right to visually inspect.  

All inflatable's (all gear) must be inflated or  inspected prior to leaving store.

Notice: Renters are responsible for knowing how to use ALL EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO LEAVING STORE.

You must also know how to strap down your own rental boats.  

Alaska Outdoor Gear may offer assistance or videos and instructions, but you need to know how to safely use, transport  -load and unload.  

We have videos, instruction videos and manuals or can hands on show you how to use all of our rental equipment.
You also encourage you to set it up and test it at our store.

All customers need to account for time to inspect and learn how to use the equipment before you leave the store.

Rental Policy: Renter confirms gear condition and is documented: clean, normal wear tear etc.

Punctures, tears, rips, slices etc, are not considered normal wear and tear.


Damaged item:
 Cost of repair or replacement, depending on damage. Lost / Not Returned: Charged full retail value.

All gear should be returned clean, free of dirt and debris and dry or cleaning fee will be charged. Damage- Current shop rate.
Cleaning - $25 per hour.

Rental Reservations
50% deposit due at time of reservation, 100% if within 30 days.

Cancellation Policy Full refund if cancellation is made outside the 72 hr arrival window/ 3 days of reservation.

The deposit or payment is non-refundable if reservation is cancelled within 3 days of scheduled arrival date.  

No refunds will be given for early returns.  If your trip is day of or underway and you have already secured equipment.

Forms Of Payment:

Cash, Check or Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express)