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2018 Pending Rental Rates: See Equipment Rate Sheet

Recreation & Touring Kayaks
Necky & Old Town Kayaks
10, 12 Foot Recreational Kayaks, Touring & Recreational Tandems

Necky Lookshas 14 foot Singles and 17 foot Tandems

Recreational Kayaks  

9 & 10 ft & 12 ft Sit Insides or Sit On Tops.
9Ft Malibu Stealth Fishing Kayak  - $30 / $15

16 Ft Seranac Old Town  $40
14 ft Seranac Old Town

Fishing Kayaks
11,12,13 14 FT  Kayaks

Rental Boats come with: Paddles, Seat, PFD, Bilge Pump, Sponge / Safety gear.

Inflatable Kayaks & Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards - Inflatables with pump, ankle leash, paddle leash.

Pack Rafts - Easy to transport in an rv or hike back to local lake.

Float Tubes & Finns  - Enjoy a day of fishing local lakes from a float tube. Comes
with PFD, Pump we have many types of rods.

Accessories:  Rental & Retail
Dry Suits, PFDs, Kayak Fishing Equipment, Rescue Kits, Bilge Pumps, Sponges, Strobes, Whistles,
Throw Bags, Dry Bags, Flares, Marine Radios, Satellite phones

Triton Trailer Rental:
$50 Day / $250 Wk
Payload 2000 pounds
8'X10' Flat Bed
2" Ball Mount
Flat 4 Wiring
If rented with kayak or canoe package - discount
will be applied to day or weekly rate.
Kayak Rack - Only that fits 8x10 Trailer

or Rent Kayak Rack with Trailer 8x10

Several available! Call for pricing. Discount with
kayak rental.